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Big 3+1 Upgrade Install

This Tutorial includes the Big 3+1 Upgrade on my personal vehicle, a 2001 CAMARO SS With the 5.7L LS1 (other vehicles will be similar). I have included as many pictures and information as I could to ease the install for any DIY'er. Tools needed: Most 3/8 drive Metric socket and ratchet sets with extensions will siffice. Plus, flat tip screwdriver, wire cutters. The Big 3 is 1) The Positive Cable from the Battery to the Alternator.

2) The Negative Cable from the Battery to the Engine Block

3) The Negative Cable from the Engine Block to the Vehicle Frame.

The +1 is the Negative Cable from the Battery to the Inner Fender.

Pictured above: This 4ga Cable, of the Big 3 + 1 upgrade, is the easiest to replace. You can see the difference in size. The smaller one is the OEM cable which is 8ga. The Big 3 + 1 upgrade includes a 4ga Cable that replces the OEM Cable.

Note: I am holding the 8ga Cable

Pictured above: The +1 of the Big 3+1 Upgrade 4ga Cable in full view. Very easy to replace. Also the reason I started this tutorial with this one :)

Note: The Holes in the Ring Terminals on this Cable are different size. The smaller one  (5/16") connects to the inner fender. The larger one (3/8") connets to the Battery.

Pictured above: This is the Positive Battery Post Cables. Clearly seen, is the small 8ga cable used from the factory (OEM). 1 goes to the starter, the other one goes to the Alternator. The one that goes to the Alternator is the one that gets replaced with a 1/0 Cable from the kit.

Just thought I would show the 1/0ga Cable for the Sound System. (not included in the Big 3+1 Kit).

To be continued............................

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